HTC Guided Tour

Check out the one and only HTC Guided Tour, from Believe LTD and Stop The Bleeding! You can now watch the HTC Guided Tour in both English and Spanish!

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Here are some key people you're likely to meet at your first HTC visit:

Estas son algunas de las personas claves que probablemente conocerás en tu primera visita a un centro de tratamiento de la hemofilia:

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Check out this short video explaining our web series, Stop the Bleeding! The comedic, educational web series has won awards from both the National Hemophilia Foundation and the Hemophilia Federation of America for its ability to reach young people and improve outcomes through funny, smart videos. 

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Check out our Stop the Bleeding! episodes set in a hemophilia treatment center. These 10-minute stories are excellent, award-winning teaching tools for those looking to learn more about living with a bleeding disorder.

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Check out these great videos from the Hemophilia Alliance. This series provides super-helpful info on the value of HTC's, how the 340B program helps patients, HTC's and the community as a whole, and how HTC's can help parents manage and cope with the challenges of raising children with bleeding disorders. We selected 4 videos, but check out the entire series of first-hand accounts HERE.

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